Meet Rocky!

My Name is Rocky, AKA “Rock-A-Doc!”


I sat down with a couple of my friends at the Bellyrub Klub who spend a lot of time with me and we discussed what kind of home I’M looking for…



For my entire life, it was just me and my Dad (over 8 years!). He has gotten sick and is now living in an extended care facility. He asked that Belly Up for Adoptions watch over me, when I was just a baby, if anything ever happened to him and he couldn’t take care of me anymore… so here I am!

I’m so used to just having my own person to hang out with, take car rides, go for walks, cuddle on the couch, I even let my dad cook breakfast for me (were liked to eat eggs and toast together in the AM). He was the best cook!

I really want a family that wants a great companion dog… I’m not a fan of other dogs or cats but love to go on walks (if they don’t bother me, I don’t bother them!). I LOVE all people so I am a real friendly guy, if you have friends you want to take me to visit!

I’m not a dog park dog or looking for a large extended family with too much activity or where I am put in situations where I am uncomfortable (like with other dogs or cats). I’m just an easy-going guy who needs my own person to love me and take care of me. Maybe a family without kids would like to include me in things, maybe an empty nester looking for a companion to take road trips! Ideally, a person who is home, lying alone that would look forward to me being there waiting for them with baited breath! Wanting to spend the rest of the day with me!

I really am used to the life I had with my Dad. We were soul mates!


I’m healthy, neutered, and up to date on shots. I still have enough energy to enjoy life, but not so much that you can’t just relax with me and cuddle if that’s what you wanna do (that’s my personal favorite!). Do you know anyone like this? I really want to get my life back to “normal” and would love to come stay with my friends at the Bellyrub Klub if you take a vacation or need me to be cared for. I love it here and know everyone!

Thanks for listening! I really want my own family and will make you proud – look how handsome I am! Contact Sue or Sara at 630-542-3559, to get an application for me, or download the one on this site. I’ll look it over and let you know if we might be a good match!

Adopting Rocky

Please fill out an application here, and send it to adopt@bellyupforadoptions.com for review. We will review all applications before scheduling a time for your family to meet her!