Help us!

We are always grateful for donations of both time and money.

Financial donations

As a not for profit Belly Up for Adoptions needs donations of money and products to help us care for our foster dogs. For example: dog food & treats, peanut butter, antlers and nylabones, paper towels, bleach, pinesol, towels, blankets, indestructible chew toys e.g. Kongs, peanut butter, leashes, collars, dog coats, collapsible crates, etc.

You can now easily donate online, safely and securely with Paypal! Please keep your receipt as donations may be tax deductable. We are a registeredĀ 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.

Donating your time

We need and welcome volunteers to help exercise, train and spend quality time with dogs waiting to be adopted. The most important need is for each dog to be given attention, enrichment and activity so they have a great day, each and every day they are with us as our guests.

If you are able to help train the foster dogs that is a plus. Classes are held at the Bellyrub Klub, on evenings and weekends. Each dog can use the basic training classes, confidence building classes and anything you can do to help ensure their transition into their new home successful.

The dogs also appreciate volunteers who are willing to simply take some time to pet them and share a little love. The dogs will return your love with tenfold!!